I will create binance level erc20 token and smart contract for ico anddefi

We have a team of experts in Blockchain. We will Create and test Smart contract with different tools based on your platform like Ethereum or Tron. We have our own software to audit smart contract and Deploy Dapp on TRON Network including the full application and the Smart Contract. The DApp would be a fully functional and integrated application hosted on TRON Mainnet.

We are a team of passionate and creative developers, experienced in working on Blockchain applications, wallets and exchanges, crypto, DApps, bot, POW, POS, EOS, NEM, hyperledger, credits, stellar, ethereum, multichain, ethos, tezos, openwallet, tron, coin, mining software, mlm autopool, matrix, defi, smart contract, trading, asset tracking, interactive brokers, chain management solutions. You Just need to let us know about your Smart Contract Requirements and we’ll get it done


  • Desktop Wallet
  • Internet Wallet (website)
  • Mobile Waller (Android & IOS)
  • Hard Wallet
  • Paper Wallet
  • Wallet creation for any of your token or crypto currency coin
  • Wallet to send, store and receive coin or tokens.
  • Administrator user dashboard. .Fully Responsive Design and User interfaces. 
  • Live chat or support center
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