I will conduct an extensive blackbox fuzz testing of your website

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What is Fuzzing?

Fuzz testing, or fuzzing, is a type of dynamic application security testing technique, where malformed inputs are sent to an application.

The goal of fuzz testing is to trigger anomalous behaviors, such as crashes, infinite loops, or memory leaks. All these bad behaviors are a sign of an underlying vulnerability, typically 0-days.

What fuzzing allows users to do is verify that their applications can withstand unexpected situations.

Specifically, your application will be tested against (among others):

  •       Access Control (session management, authentication, authorization),
  •       File Upload Vulnerabilities,
  •       Injection flaws (XSS, SQL, CRLF, OS command, LDAP, expression language, XPath, etc.),
  •       Sensitive data exposure (IDOR, username and backup file exposure, etc.),
  •       Server-side security, and
  •       API endpoint security.
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