I will build ico landing page, bitcoin landing page , bitcoin exchange

There is always two phases in running a successful bitcoin exchange website 

1.Creation 2. Optimization

Creation – During this phase you have to do launch your site with high security features, it will be done only once in a life time of your bitcoin exchange site, but it will be the basement of everything.

Optimization – This is not a onetime process. Once you launch your bitcoin exchange site, you just have to update it often, with recent features and trends, so that you can keep your site top on competition, and can gain more trust among users.

This are the step we are taking

  • Analyze the scope of your bitcoin exchange site/ ico site 
  • Choose the right market place( Country ) To launch your bitcoin exchange website
  • Deal with a right Bitcoin exchange script/ Software Service provider
  • Ensure the licensing and bitcoin exchange regulations of the country you decide to launch
  • Establish the liquidity options
  • Integrate high security features
  • We commerce the project.

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