I wil do organic spotify promotion to a millions of targeted audience

No idea where to start? I’m here to help. I have hosted my own podcast, The DeepTalk for two years. I had to learn everything from equipment, to networking and interviewing, to marketing and advertising, to all forms of scheduling. You tell me what you want, send me the mess, and I’ll provide full service. Most places usually do one thing or another. I’ll walk with you through it all.

Services include:

-A 30 minute consultation

-Full Podcast Analysis Plan

-Creation of intros, outros, sponsorships and promos

-Full editing including audio enhancements, compression, noise reduction

-Publishing, scheduling

-Putting your podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play, and more

-Marketing and Advertising

-Talent sourcing

We will do a consultation of what you are looking for. I’ll help you from start to finish.

Can’t wait to work with you

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