Do professional data analysis and interpretation

If you are in search for an expert in statistical data analysis for your research studies, this is the best place for you. Having a very high experience in data research and analysis, research paper writing and teaching and the use of statistical tools for project studies, I have brought to you this data analysis package.
I will analyze your statistical data using: Excel; SPSS; Genstat; R-package and SAS
The analysis include the following but not limited to:
Descriptive analysis
Simple and multiple Linear Regression
Discriminant Analysis
Principle component analysis (PCA)
ANOVA (Analysis Of Variance)
ANCOVA (Analysis of Covariance)
Correlation analysis
Time series analysis
Why am the best for you?
Experience of working in various research studies with my undergraduate and post graduate students. Supervising various M.Sc research candidates.
Working in different funded research studies.
Working as a lecturer in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Nigeria.
If you have any further questions, contact me.
Please, before placing your order, kindly send me a message in my inbox.
N/B: The results are presented in PDF format for easy access
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