Develop a unique video and voice calling app

Welcome to my gig!

Worry no more!!!
If you are looking for a professional to help you to integrate audio / video calling in your app or you are looking for an expert to develop video / voice calling app for you along with NodeJS signalling server?

Here you are at the right place.

I will do integration of both audio and video calling professionally with complete flow of sending call offer from one peer to another and then do the flow of answering the call offer by sending answer to caller efficiently in a suitable way and magnificient ways.

The following will be transfer through voice sockets:

Answer, offer,session description, protocols, ice candidate and so on.
Any additional requirements such as live stickers will be added for you.

You can kindly contact me for development, integrations and customization in;

Chat app.
Peer to peer calling.
Screen sharing.

One on one audio/video calling.

Conference calling.
Web RTC SIP phone.
White board collaboration and lots more.


Relative app
ui/ux design
URL link.

Kindly contact me now and let’s commence on your project immediately.

Best regard.

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