Run conversion shopify facebook ads, video ads social content creator

Are you struggling to make sales in your Shopify store? This gig is for you to make consistent sales with your store. Facebook ads are for you Especially video ads.

Facebook and Instagram video ads are that they allow you to build an audience of engaged people. You can use a Custom Audience to retarget people who have watched 3 seconds, or 10 seconds or some percentage of your video and show them another ad


* Facebook ads campaign and Instagram ads campaign. 

* Setup pixel, convert traffic, leads generation for the website.

* Engagement ads & conversion ads campaign.

* Create advanced Custom & Look like Audience.

* Re-targeting ads, Catalog ads, and Dynamic ads setup for the website.

* Ad copy & Technical Support. 


I offer the following to make your store have consistent sales, Brand Awareness & Engagement, Conversion/Traffic (E-commerce), Video Ads, Lead Generation (Email Capture), Location Based (Store Visits). I am available 24/7 to make you happy. 

Place your order now and inbox me for a better understanding of your project.

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