Promote indiegogo, gofundme or kickstarter funding campaign


Promote Indiegogo Gofundme Or Kickstarter Funding Campaign

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  If you have a FUNDRAISING Campaign link, then you will need real people to see it and know about your plans and funding aims and goal so as to be able to render help or assistance 
and people to actually back it & donate!
So in this service i will help you to promote your FUNDRAISING Campaign link on the biggest Social Media sites, I will post to all the biggest Social Media sites 
and channels that are related FUNDRAISING crowdfunding link.
I will post to the top and biggest Social Media sites where there are thousands of people that will see and know about your FUNDING reasons and ready to help
All in a safe, professional & permanent way!
All what is needed is your FUNDRAISING Campaign link and any other details you want us to know about your FUNDRAISING campaign link.

Feel Free To Order Your Satisfied Package Or Contact Me If You Have Any Question To Ask.


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