I will generate high quality car loan leads with facebook ads campaign sales funnel


If you’re working at an auto dealership, you know how hard it is to generate auto sales lead, especially high quality loan lead. Automotive leads can be tricky because you need to get them to the lot to see what you have to offer; it’s hard to sell a car over the phone. On top of that, closing a sale often involves getting a customer to take out a loan, which ups the ante even further.

To cut down on wasted time, you need a quality lead to get the right customer.

The internet can help generate these car loan leads, if you know how to go about doing it. With the right marketing strategy and an idea of what type of customer you have in mind, subprime leads or not, you can get started. And the best part? It won’t cost you a fortune.

So here are three proven ways to start generating your online car loan lead:

1: Through facebook ads campaign by targeting the right audience you can get maximum numbers of leads with conversion base on your budget plan and facebook ads set up.

2: Landing Page create room for getting the data information of prospect and enable email automation to increase conversion rate.

3: Website: Kindle chat me up i have a lot of strategy to get you lead and sales


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