I will do web crawling or web scraping from directory website

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Hi, I’m Md. Abdul Aziz. I’ve been working for 3 years. I can help you with web scraping, web crawling, data scraping or data extraction from the website.

I will provide duplicate free data include.

Business Name
Phone No
website Link
Email address (If your website contains email)
Location address

Business category Name
And etc.

I will output data in any format you need. including Excel, XML, CSV, pdf or any other format.

Objective Service:
  100% Accuracy
  100% Data Security

  100% Buyer Satisfaction

My services include but are not limited to


Scraping product information
Scraping information about stores
Scraping lists of schools, doctors or any other service

Scraping Directory website or Any website


NOTE: If you Need Some Samples format, Let Me Know. Ready to do the Samples.

If you have any other work that I have not included in the list, please contact me

Thanks & Regards
Md Abdul Aziz

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