I will do etsy product listing seo banner tag and etsy promotion and traffic for sales


Do you want to become an Etsy store owner and you don’t have the foggiest idea on how to go about it. or you are an effectively store owner and you are not getting the necessary visit and sales you assume to get. 

I will definitely help you out 

These are my capacities: 

For product listing:

  • Banner design
  • product listing
  • Keyword research 
  • 13 Tag for each item 
  • item depiction with Keyword

For etsy Promotion I will do: 

  • Pinterest and Twitter promoting 
  • Instagram shoutout
  • Drip campaign with complete Email marketing
  • social media posts 
  • Backlinking and Guestposting

All this etsy promotion are to improve and boost your store Traffic which may not guarantee you much sales. If you are really bothered about getting crazy sales. Kindly message me.

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