I will build your crowdfunding website using wordpress cms


*Please contact me before ordering **

I will create a compelling crowdfunding campaign to fund your cause, likebusiness or charity. Through crowdfunding campaign, you’ll raisecountless dollars.

What you get

A crowdfunding campaign on one or more platforms, reckoning on your requirement. The campaign containstext, pictures and a video.

Note! Basic, Standard and Premium packages don’t include me creating content.

I can create written campaign contentand supply pictures for $75 extra.

Promotion (Premium service)

The scope of marketing: posting a briefpitch with the campaign link on LinkedIn where i’ve got a complete of approx. 10,000 followers.


You will be required to provide:

– 1 video (YouTube/Vimeo link just in case of IndieGoGo / MP4 move intocase of Kickstarter) (the video optional if you have got pictures)

– Pictures (1 or 2, .png or jpg.)

– Campaign text that may be copy pasted (.doc/.pdf)

Which platform does one prefer? (Kickstarter/IndieGoGo/GoFundMe/another?

Content restrictions!


– 8 pictures

– 1500 words of text

– 2 videos


Please don’t inquire from me to makethe crow

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