I will write a transforming email marketing, email campaign

very user is a potential customer, reaching them through e-mail marketing is certainly a right way to go. Well proven marketing plan using complete strategy to make sales and make it worthwhile practice!  Campaign with zero spam rate is what this service is about. 
Full email marketing strategy to boost relationship and manage sales and conversions.

My gig package:
1- Emerald package: Generating verified customer information through compelling content on lead capture page. This makes them drop requirement willingly and allow us to reach them before pitching our marketing.
2- Sapphire: Reaching our customer base with the right segmentation made easy! Blast personalized campaign  to them.
3- Ruby package: Complete email marketing set up to boost relationship and generate. Campaign, newsletter and autoresponder follow up.

Let’s get this done ASAP!

Do you have more questions or you are unsure about where to begin, kindly send me a message so we can work together and achieve your goals in your business.

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