Promote your kindle book

Normally it takes about 2-3 hours of your precious time for submitting to all the latest website for kindle book promotion.

Let me save you hours of your time by submitting your KDP free download days to 45 of the top promotion websites!

Submitting to all the websites would boost up your download.

BONUS: I will provide you a fresh list of Kindle Facebook groups and pages to submit your promotion to and also website and Facebook submission technique which will help you next time.

Please note the majority of the sites require submitting to at least a week before your actual free days! So I recommend that I submit a week before. Majority of the sites have requirements needed in order to actually list your book. I cannot guarantee that it will be listed across all the sites. Some of the requirements are like having minimum 5 reviews and their shouldn’t be any negative reviews etc. .

Once the task is done I’ll send you list of links to which I’ve submitted.

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