I will write SEO product descriptions for your shopify store


Are you looking for a way to make your Shopify products sell faster than you can stock them

Then what your products need is a winning Shopify product description that will enticingly compel and win over even the most cautious buyers.

I have written over 10,000 product descriptions in my 10-year practice as a professional copywriter. I have worked with A-list online and brick-and-mortar stores.

I know what works: The SEO product descriptions should tell and also sell while emotionally connecting the customers to the products. 

My product descriptions guarantee sales as it instills the desire for your products in the mind of the customers and get them emotionally excited and motivated to make a purchase.

I have got the secret key to dramatically unlock your products’ sale success and boost your conversion rate.

FAST DELIVERY is available within 24 hours.

Each order includes:

-Highly converting titles & descriptions with “charming” copywriting & SEO techniques

-Proofread and grammar-perfect content

– 50-100 words

– 1 CTA

– Bullet points (Amazon style)

– Competitor product research for each product

-Up to 4 targeted keywords.

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