I will setup omnisend, klaviyo, mailchimp, privy shopify sales funnel email automation

What is a Shopify funnel?
There are essentially two different kinds of funnels we sell: a marketing funnel designed to capture email leads, and a sales funnel designed to capture payment for products or services
The key to any successful business is a healthy sales funnel. This is especially true for ecommerce stores whose survival relies on transforming their site visitors from casual browsers into committed customers.
Why Do You Need a Sales Funnel for Your Shopify Store?

Every online store should use the power of sales funnels because they bring a number of benefits. Here are the key reasons to use a sales funnel in your eCommerce shop.

1.Increase Your Sales Leads

2.Build Long-term Relationships with Your Customers

3.Have Better Control of Your Sales Process

4.Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

To create a sales funnel for your Shopify store, you first have to think about the different stages involved in your sales cycle. Are you wondering which sales funnel stages apply to your business?

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