I will setup high converting lifecycle marketing

Dump the Sales Funnel in Favor of Lifecycle Marketing

The sales funnel is obsolete.

In fact, it has been obsolete for a long time.

Bold statement? Yes, but when you look at the facts, it’s obvious.

The sales funnel doesn’t help predict anything about buyers: Not their mentality, not their movement through the buyer’s journey, and not when they might make a purchase.

Sending the same emails to everyone on your list is wrong and hinders your growth

At any given time, each customer is at a different point in their relationship with your product or brand. Think of the customer’s lifecycle as a journey – everyone has their own journey in their own time. Rather than sending bulk generic emails to all your recipients, customer lifecycle emails are targeted to specific customers at crucial points in their own individual journey.

With the level of advanced email tools available to date, batch-and-blast emails should be a very small proportion of the emails you are sending. This mentality of quantity over quality is no longer effective in today’s email marketing world.

Leaving behind the spray-and-pray mindset and focusing on lifecycle marketing is the key to increasing email ROI……

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