Set up autoresponder follow up email campaign

An expertly written email by a copywriter will give your words the punch they need to make sales for you. When you send these words out, they will come back bearing gifts -money, signups, leads, conversion, subscription, payment for goods and services.

This  gig will help you create and deliver HIGHLY CONVERTING  EMAIL AUTORESPONDER that will:

  • Convert VISITORS to  LEADS
  • Convert LEADS to paying CUSTOMERS
  • Convert Delighted CUSTOMERS to PROMOTERS

The value that we deliver through our email follow up ensures that you make profit consistently. 

The truth is this; EMAIL AUTORESPONDER is a valid marketing strategy with a  high RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

By ordering this gig, 

You will surely boost your sales through our quality sales copy and this will continue to happen for a long time. Will you like to increase your sales with a powerful autoresponder?

This is the best gig you can afford!

The email autoresponder platform that I can work with includes MailChimp, IContact, Constant contact, Getresponse, Or any other email marketing platform you may be using.

I patiently await your order.

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