I will promote your kickstarter, gofunme, indiegogo and any crowdfunding campaign


I will promote, advertise, and market your Indiegogo or Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign  on  social media to real and active USA donors/backers 

Here you will get the best prom0ting and exposure is a great deal for all crowdfunding project if is done in the right way to the right audience it is a major key for all crowdfunding campaign 

I will take a look at your campaign when you message me and I will tell you the best way to get it prom0ted and also I will help you with editing as well by adding keywords to your campaign for a quick donation 


  • Best social marketing
  • Email marketing campaign to my existing donors/backers list 
  • Promotion to all USA donors/backers on my pt 
  • PR service 
  • Blog post 
  • Forum post 
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • fast delivery 
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee 
  • Unlimited revision

   Order now and make your crowdfunding campaign a success.

Thank my regards

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