I will generate life insurance leads sales leads using Facebook ads

Dear buyer,

are you looking for a professional that can generate active life insurance /healthy insurance leads Then you’re  in the right places to be 

My name is Andrew-Joe-I am an expert in generating active life/health insurance lead with vast years of experienceI have technical and professional way of generating quality and active life/health insurance leads making it an Excel Format for you.

The BASIC life insurance package is for life insurance ads set up. NO ONGOING MANAGEMENT
The STANDARD insurance package is for setting up a life insurance ad and designing an insurance landing page to collect the info of your clients. It provides credibility, especially if your Facebook page was just recently created or you do not have a website.
The PREMIUM insurance package is designed to set up a life insurance ad, build a professional insurance landing page, and set up email automation to keep qualified contacts updated about your policies. This automatically sends scheduled emails to explain your policy better, and even allow them to set up appointments at a suitable time with you.

Send me a message if you have questions.

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