I will drive and promote indiegogo, gofundme and any crowdfunding campaign

Below I compare three of the best crowdfunding campaign platforms:
If you want help at every stage of your creative or entrepreneurial project, this site offers tools to help you get the job done, from pre-launch to crowdfunding and distribution
  • 5% platform fee
  • Payment processing- 3% + $0.30 per transaction
  • International transfer fee- $25 to banks outside US
  • Fixed and Flexible funding
Creators (ranging from individual designers and inventors to large corporations that want to test new product ideas) offer backers rewards, such as a small piece of the project, the first available prototypes, or the products that they are raising money to manufacture
  • 5% service fee
  • Payment processing- 3% + $0.20 per transaction
  • All or nothing
World’s largest social fundraising platform for individuals, teams, and nonprofits with a giving community of more than 50 million worldwide. More than $5 billion has been raised, and it’s the first and only platform with a donor protection guarantee
  • Powered by donors
  • Free fundraising
  • 24/7 CS agents
  • 0% platform fee
  • Standard payment processing fees- 2.9% plus $0.30 per donation
  • Campaign Pitch
  • Pictures/Branded Graphics
  • Promotional Video
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