I will do high ROI shopify marketing, ecommerce marketing and promotion


You’re welcome to this gig. I am digital_nomad, a certified digital marketing expert with full knowledge in Shopify store marketing and eCommerce marketing. I have devoted almost half of my digital years to learning and executing projects that are based on Shopify store promotion and eCommerce marketing, and I will be glad to support your Shopify career for Shopify store ROI.

No matter the level of your Shopify store, maybe $0 sales or less, I am fully here to support with my digital marketing skills,

Note: you can reach out to me if none of the gig packages fits your Shopify needs.

What the gig offers: 

  • Shopify Marketing and Promotion
  • Ecommerce Marketing and Promotion
  • Sales Funnel Setup 
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Email Campaign
  • And more>>>

Why this ecommerce marketing gig: 

  • 5+years Experience in Digital Marketing
  • Result-Oriented Work Execution
  • Fast and quick delivery
  • Maximum support to store owners all time.

There are plenty of store owners out there having challenges with having ROI, but you don’t want to be one, Place your order.

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