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In our daily routine, we meet different activities, schedules that take much of our time. many business owners, entrepreneurs, spend many time responding to daily messages, new e-mail, welcoming new prospects, converting potential buyers, following up with clients and customers that are yet to form an honest decision… of these are good and that they will yield a huge result for your business but GUESS WHAT??? there’s a simple system called AUTORESPONDER. Once it’s properly Integrated and Implemented it’ll assist you in responding to your clients and customers base on the action they combat your website.

With this Autoresponder you achieve

  • Welcome email
  • Abandonment email
  • Customer reactivation/win-back
  • Happy Birthday email

Sounds Good Right? Sure! This automation/autoresponder is a TESTED and TRUSTED strategy to save lots of some time and yield you a CRAZY result

How Does it work

Integration+CRM+Autorespoder email sequences

Integration platform I use

Zapier integration, zapier, zapier


CRM/ CMS I explore:

Shopbase, shopbase,shopbase


Woocommerce marketing, woocommerce marketing woocommerce marketing


Email sequence/copywriting

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