I will be your social media content creator and manager


Hello !!!

In this age, it is crucial for all types of businesses to have a successful social media presence. The numbers are important we all know that , SO that is why I am here.

I am very happy to help you manage the page of your business and grow it and attract many many followers and potential clients.

The list of my duties as a social media manager towards you are:

-Evaluation of the current state of your social media platforms

-Research your business and try to make posts that will be cohesive to the style of your business

-Make very appealing content that will have many people to engage

-Hashtag research

-Posts and stories and reels scheduling


Fiverr Gig URL: https://www.fiverr.com/share/QwGaP2

Fiverr Gig Price ($) : 10

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