Do complete ecommerce funnel to boost sales

Shopify Automation Sales Funnel
Many store owners drive traffic through various means but at the end do not convert or they run different ads but for one time conversion. Sales Funnel helps to retain this traffic and make them a repetitive customers and they would be loyal customers. What really drive or trigger visitors to come back?

1- MOTIVATION: this is the desire for someone has to do something. There are 3 core motivators- sensation,anticipation and sense of belonging. Which of these feelings are you giving or solving for your customers?

2- ABILITY- how easy or difficult is it to take this particular action? Do they have to go through MANY step before they make decision? do they know what to click?

3- TRIGGER- help them and guide them to take action, now with the use of lead magnet page that will pop up on your store that will trigger them to drop their details.

The fact is, you can make all these easy and drive them to action by placing an order for this gig, but you have to know that if they are not motivated,they will not do anything.
Some of the flows are: 3 Welcome Email Series, Browse Abandonment, Abandoned Cart Reminder,Transaction Email,Order Confirmation… 

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