Sing or Speak in a Funny Voice

I will sing your song in one or more of my “funny” voices; my usual voices include chipmunk-like, opera, sexy, and faux-country, but I’m willing to do a free [10-second] sample of most anything else you have in mind, if you want to really experiment. Whatever I do, it will make your song or story “POP” and give it that dash of extra flavoring it needs.

For children’s songs, I will sing the child’s song in either a childlike voice or my own voice. Either way, your child will be singing along, dancing, and asking to hear it “again, again, again!” If it’s for a project, anyone listening will be back in touch with their inner child and it may just go from a board meeting to a dance hall.

I deliver
enthusiastic singing
various voices, including animals!
sound effects, where needed

My work is guaranteed to make your project jump out or to make your child delirious with happiness and what can be better than making a child smile?

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