I will record professionally piano, keyboards and synths on any song

Hello, I am Gabriel (Lbeatz) I am a multi-instrumentalist and producer. I will record Piano, Strings, Rhodes, keyboard, synth, lead, pad, etc. I play most genres including R&B, Soul, Gospel, and Jazz. on any time Signature. e.g 4/4, 4/8, 6/8, 5/4 ……………

*** Yes I do piano covers!***

Bring your music concept to me no matter how vague, to create original music!  You can send me chords, riffs, and runs, keyboard voice, piano range, lead line, Arpeggio, Scale, or whatever you have, and also I can play by ear. High-quality work is guaranteed! promise you that!!!

I am an experienced pianist and keyboardist. i also play on all 12 keys. I’m a member of a top band in my country. Personal favorite genre: Gospel (R&B) music! I record using either a Yamaha motif x8 piano or Yamaha synth and Yamaha psr750!

Note: Having your tracks played/sung to a metronome (click) is advised.

I would greatly appreciate it if you credit me in your productions! – “Lbeatz”

Note: for your music need guitar, check out my other gig! 🙂

please contact me before the order!!!

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