I will promote your sportify music via playlist placement

About This Gig

Welcome to the Spotify music marketing service. We are always dedicated to promoting your music to the highest audience.

Where and How will I promote it?

We usually do music promotions by video research, we will research your music content and its keyword. We make SEO related short article content for each video and attach important hashtags to it. Embed your music to Iframe for streaming to get more audience. We create backlinks and share it on social media and music blogs and musical forums.

What you need to get started:

A Single Spotify music track and a short description of it. Don’t send Album/playlist/artist link and personal social media link.


Manual content research

Backlink to the blog and forum site.

Powerful Content Research.

24-hour contact support.

Safe and Secure Marketing Services.

SEO according to Spotify Rules and Regulations.

Thank you for reading.

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