I will music promotion to 196,000 fans youtube channel

Are you music producer/dj? Do you make EDM and want to promote your music but you can’t find any solution to build your fanbase?

Welcome to DropNight!

We have a great experience in YouTube music promotion. Our channel is one of the best music channels on YouTube with a 196 000 fans. We offer this service for support the new generation of music producers!

Just choose any package you want, send us the song and the rest will be done by us 🙂

We assure you that your work will be watched by a large group of people, which will increase the fanbase. We also make sure to include the social media links on top of the description.

An additional advantage of this gig is that if you create a different style than EDM we can promote you on our second channel, which has 96 000 subs!

So feel free to send your track and if you have any doubts or questions send me a text would gladly clear and explain everything. Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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