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Commercial use/Royalty free

Hi, Are you looking for high-quality Nature sounds for relaxation, Yoga, Meditation, Background music,…..…. etc.

Then   Warmly Welcome to My Nature Sounds Gig!

In this package, you will get High-Quality, Best Nature Sounds. You can use them for any of the following purposes. These sounds will reduce your Stress, Anxiety and Depression levels and will increase the mental peace and calmness simultaneously. It will also prepare you for better sleep. Nature sounds have the power to improve your overall quality of life. In addition, it will give you more energy and happiness in your day-to-day activities.

I  can provide Beautiful high-quality Nature sounds (Ex:- birds singing, rain sounds, rain forest, ocean wave, a night at the jungle, water stream, sitting on the waterfall, heavy rain and thunder, forest walk….etc.).

You can use these for,

  •  YouTube Videos
  •  Guided Meditations
  •  Therapy & Counselling sessions
  • Yoga & Fitness studio
  • Podcast & voice over


Order Now & Get your music (16 TRACKS) in one day or in a few hours!

Meditation Music/ Nature Sound/ / Relaxing Music /Sleep/ Yoga music


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