I will do voiceovers for your commercials, ads, ebooks, etc

My name is Richard Boudreau and I’m available to do various voice-over gigs for commercials, ads, e-books, etc.

I have extensive experience in podcasting, in the world of professional wrestling as I host a professional wrestling podcast called Pro Wrestling Slam! (formerly Kayfabe Kickout) and I have broad interview experience as well.

Since 2013, I have interviewed some of the biggest names in professional wrestling; Jim Cornette, Konnan, Scotty Riggs, and many more, so I’m well versed in hosting a scripted and formatted interview show.

I can provide a professional and deep voiced voice-over for whatever project you need.

When you hire me for your voice-over gig, you can get (For additional costs)

  • Minimum two day delivery (100 Words or less for $20)
  • Extra Fast Delivery within one day (250 words for an additional $5)
  • Script Proofreading (100 words for an additional $5)
  • Full Commercial Rights (for an additional $5)

Check out my sample audio from one of my Pro Wrestling Slam! Episodes and you’ll see why I’m an excellent choice for your voice-over gig, whatever it may be!


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