I will do viral deezer music promotion,add your music to deezer playlist



Online streaming services have become the most enduring and important platforms for modern music, with over 40,000 new tracks being added each day. With so much new music surfacing, it’s important to market your music properly.


Apple, Deezer, Google Play, Napster and Tidal music promotion to get your numbers up and increase your chart ranking ALL IN 1! All playlists are managed daily. These are all premium accounts fully managed by real people with no bots ever. Please make sure your song is available on ALL before purchase!

The number of followers varies per playlist. All plays are eligible for royalties.

I accept songs up to 5 minutes. If yours is longer, please contact ME for a quick and simple quote.

1 Month is 30 days regardless of the actual number of days in the month.

I think it’s awesome that you believe in yourself enough to actually invest in the music you create.

A good marketing budget and strategy can go a long way to pushing the success of your release.

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