I will do effective spotify music promotion

  A welcome to my gig description 
   I’m here to help independent artists that are looking to boost their streams & get their music heard, by connecting their music to curators & potential fans. I’ve developed relationships with curators around the world, both Spotify & independent playlist curators. My services will give you, the artist a fighting chance in this competitive field, by connecting you to great playlists that will put your music to the next level.  and we will  place your song track one the top trending playlist so as to boost your song track awareness, popularity, engagement, revenue, royalties and fanbase.  

    • Increase in your engagement 
    • Grow your track popularity 
    • Grow your fan base 
    • Streams boost  (Your streams can reach up to 50,000 streams or more)
    • You will gain new followers & listeners (all real & organic)

    Hey !!!  Are you doubting our service kindly place your order and let handle the rest for you and you won’t regret hiring our service 

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