I will be your acoustic guitar player

Hi! Thanks for reaching me.

I’m a Musician, Session Player, Guitarist and Producer from Italy.

I’m here to work with people on their Projects, Song, Instrumental Tunes, Arrangements or to help them during a Songwriting process, being sure of what are your needs and Your initial intentions! Feel Free to contact me 24/7 for any info.

If You’re looking for an Electric Guitar track, check my other Gig!

You’ll have:

✔ Acoustic Pop Chords Progressions for your song.

✔ Wet & Dry audio for your tracks, just in case you want to edit it yourself.

✔ Pro Quality Audio guitar track.

✔ Tracks ready to be Sampled, Edited, Looped and used in Your music right now.

✔ My full attention to details and needs.

✔ Commercial Use.

✔ My complete openness on revisions.

I record in my own Pro Home Studio, with the best equipments I can offer.

Please contact me for any question before your order, let’s work together!

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