Let’s Discover your Jewish Family Tree with Genealogy

I am your personal Genealogy guide on your journey through the past! Welcome! Please feel free to order this gig even if you are not Jewish – It’s just that Jewish Genealogy is my specialty. I make all kinds of Family Trees. So I know you must be thinking:
Why pay me to do this for you?
Answer – Genealogy and family histories actually take quite a bit of dedication and practice when getting into true expert level research. There is a manual that is over 100 pages long on what does and doesn’t constitute factual genealogical sources. I follow the Genealogical Standards very diligently, meaning I will only present you with a new family member if I can truly confirm that from multiple sources. Secondly, it costs Hundreds of dollars to be a member of all the websites I have access to, I save on these websites through membership in the National Genealogical Society and others. Finally – outsourcing. When you do a lot of research into family histories and genealogy you tend to build a network of people doing the same thing. Other Genealogists have time and time again proven to be a fundamental key to successful research.

Nov 30, 2016

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