I will tutor you in structural analysis and engineering mechanics

Structural analysis expert is here. I am Lecturer of Civil Engineering, structural analysis and Engineering mechanics are my favorite subjects that’s why I like it teach it. I have two years of experience as a structural analysis and engineering mechanics tutor here on my fiverr and in my university.

Subjects I am covering here:

.. Engineering mechanics

.. Mechanics statics

.. Mechanics of materials

.. Strength of material

.. Structural analysis

Main topics:

.. Support reactions

.. Internal forces

.. All type of determinate structures analysis

.. stress

.. Deflection by:

o  Virtual work method

o  Castigliano’s teoreme

o  Double integration method etc

.. Indeterminate structures analysis by:

o  Slope deflection method

o  Moment distribution method

o  Force method or flexibility method

o  Stiffness method

o  And many more

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