I will give a prophetic interpretation of your dream with bible reference

Am Paul by name

I have studied dreams and the prophetic for many years. I myself operate in the gift of prophecy, but dreams are my primary gift. I have had lots of experience in interpreting dreams that are my own and numerous others around me. I only give biblical interpretations, using the scriptures to explain what the dream means and what God is trying to tell you through the dream.

Dreams can originate from many sources ranging from our thoughts and a direct message from the spirit realm.

Every dream has its meaning. No dream is entirely useless. knowing the meaning of your dream could be the key that will give you the answer to the greatest question of your life.

Tell me your dreams and know:

  • What is your dream telling you?
  • Is it a good dream or a bad dream?
  • What cares and steps you should take?

It is for this reason I am inviting you to know the interpretation of your dream. Order now

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