I will edit, retouch, enhance and photoshop your pictures or image

I’m a Photoshop master and Graphic designer, I am glad to offer you my mastery to give your photographs a superior quality.

I Will do alter, retouch, upgrade and photoshop your photos or pictures

·        Proficient Picture correcting.

·        Proficient in Photo correcting.

·        Proficient Image correcting.

·        White Teeth face and body cleaning.

·        Eliminating Background or evolving foundation.

·        Picture correcting.

·        Adding or eliminating objects to any picture.

·        Eliminating Wrinkles and flaws.

·        Skin smoothing/mellowing/improvement.

·        Photograph control

·        B/W to colorized

·        Body Retouching: Slimming, reshaping, bosom upgrade, blemishes

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