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**!!!!!BEFORE ORDERING, PLEASE CONTACT ME to discuss all the details!!!!!**

Hi friend! I’m Stephen  and I’m very experienced in patent illustrations/drawings both utility and design. I’ve been working in this domain for many years as a daily job. I can draw from your sketch or photo high quality, very high detailed patent illustrations both utility and design with all USPTO requirements. I can create the standard front, back, left, right, up, down and iso views. 

All I need is your sketch, photo and even only from your info with some hand sketches if you don’t have any photos. If you need all the standard views but don’t have all necessary photos, no problem. I will try to draw all of your required views using your info, hand sketches and the photos that you have. I will do my best to deliver the best possible result. The better the photos or sketches, the better the result.
Looking forward to working together with you. 

Best regards 

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