I will draw a semi realistic portrait for you

Hey there! Welcome to my Gig!

I draw people digitally since I was 12 and have always enjoyed drawing portraits. I would love to make a portrait for you as well. I can draw you or your loved ones, an original character, fantasy characters, characters from books/films, celebrities, basically anyone!

Why you should choose me?

  • Draws digitally for over 6 years and does realistic portraits for 3 years.
  • I have taken commissions before and drew characters for a story.
  • High-quality png or jpg.
  • Detailed portraits.

What do I need of you?

  • Picture reference of the person I’m illustrating.
  • Color, mood inspiration, etc. this could be in the form of a mood board, but a description will work as well.

If you got any other questions, feel free to contact me anytime!

portrait, family portrait, fantasy portrait, people drawing, digital artwork, procreate, photoshop

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