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  • I can produce patent illustration for the invention either it is utility, design, provisional or non -provisional drawing, medical drawing and electronic drawing.
  • I can deliver the high quality drawings with consistency and according to the guidelines set by USPTO, JPO, PCT, WIPO e.t.c.
  • I can convert the hand drawn drawing, images, dimension drawing, step or iges file for 3D into the high quality drawing which would be acceptable by patent office.
  • I can produce a 3D model for the design patent (if possible) for the consistency in all the seven views of the design patent (Perspective, top, bottom, left, right, front and rear).
  • I can also produce the patent drawings from the written note in which the invention is described or anything.
  • I can also make a flow chart diagram at low cost, for this you have to contact us before  placing an order.
  • I also have the ability to prepare the drawings from the screenshot also.

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