I will design or redesign your shopify dropshipping store,sellfy store

If you’re running an online store and don’t know what shopify is, stop everything you are doing, it’s time for intervention.

Shopify is a powerhouse when it comes to helping you customize your online shop and promote your products through social media,email campaign and more. In addition to how easy it is to use,shopify with other platforms like social media channels and email campaigns. Also,email integration are one of the great things about shopify.

Why we use shopify;

  1. Shopify is incredibly easy to use
  2. Shopify integrates with social media
  3. Shopify is safe and reliable
  4. It makes your online store user friendly

THis gig includes;

  • Shopify account setup
  • Shopify store design and customization
  • Products upload
  • Sellfy store design
  • Header/footer customization
  • Theme installation
  • Facebook ads pixel integration
  • Social media integration
  • Setup payment gateway

I will help you launch your store effectively and make it professional.

My goal and priority is to provide you with high quality work.

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