I will write welcome email sequence that convert new subscribers to potential clients


How much New Subscribers of yours being your Potential Clients?

5%, 10% or 20%?

It’s Amazed when you see that Many of having That ratio like,

50% to 60%.

You know why?

Because they touch the Emotional values of Subscribers.

They know that Math Equation is,

Lack of Engagement = lack of interest… in you!

They Fill the Gap between New Subscribers and potential Clients with the Emotions.

Here is the whole agenda to fill up the gap between them.

With this Email sequence, you get,

  • The Copy of Email that Builds a Relationship.
  • A copy that makes you memorable for your subscribers.
  • An engaging Email that expresses values of yours.
  • With that Email sequence, you create Psychological attachment.(That means, If I can’t join I can’t Grow”) 
  • The emotional level of Engagement.

How that works?

The whole Email sequence has time to Share. Every single 1-2 days time gap sharing of those Emails helps you to Convert Them.

Which one is suitable for you?

It’s depends on your work,

if you can’t get clear idea about which package is suitable for you, then shoot a question to me. i will help you to understand more about packages.

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