I will sketch a rough charcoal pencil portrait drawing


Does a Rough Charcoal Pencil Portrait Sketch look well?

Yes, as my sketching experience, the more the rough sketch but professional is, the more it attracts.


These are the words spoken with 10 years of Experience using Vine Charcoal Pencil Drawings/Sketches and its other types. I can assure you that concerning me would not feel you regret.

I do not use “New Sprint”, “Bristol”, or any Smooth Surface because they do not work well with giving a realistic Willow or Vine Charcoal pencil drawing/sketch effect.


A High-Resolution Scanned Photo will be sent!

(please contact me first before placing your order).

Gig Extra OPTIONS:

Add 5$ for full body

Add 5$ for a background

100% MANUALLY HAND drawn! Please provide a clear image as reference, the better image quality, the better the sketch will be. All drawing will be in high quality!

Read FAQs to clarify yourself, if you are even a little bit confused about my Charcoal Pencil Sketching experience.

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