I will setup follow up boss pipelinepro pipedrive and bitrix24 platform

Hire an expert for your PipelinePro | Pipedrive | Bitrix24 | Follow up boss account setup, optimization, and management.

Stop losing quality leads. You miss 100 percentage of the chances and opportunities that you do not take at nurturing and managing your leads.

I will help you setup your CRM platforms be it PipelinePro | Pipedrive | Bitrix24 | Follow up boss to get the best out of your leads and increase your conversion rate.

I Offer:

  • Full Account Setup & Optimization
  • Campaign Setup with delays & triggers
  • Building your workflow and Sales process
  • Content Creation for your SMS & Email Campaigns
  • Funnels setup on PipelinePro | Pipedrive | Bitrix24 | Follow up boss
  • 3rd party apps integration like Twillo, Mailgun, Zapier, Mojo dailer etc
  • Facebook Lead and google Ads set up on PipelinePro | Pipedrive | Bitrix24 | Follow up boss
  • Analytics and Tracking on PipelinePro | Pipedrive | Bitrix24 |boss

What I have is not just ideas. I have with me workable strategies that have helped my clients over the years. I can be your partner to assist you every step of the way long term.

Kindly let me know when we can have a quick strategy call session. This is the first step.

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