I will set up captivating rss newsletter autoresponder emails ,campaign in mailchimp

Rss Feed

RSS is a type of web feed that allows users and applications to receive regular updates from a website or blog of their choice. The acronym RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It is sometimes referred to as the feed or RSS feed.

Most sites are built using a Content Management System, or CMS. Every major CMS offers an RSS feed by default, meaning an RSS exists for such sites whether the site’s creators realize that or not.

what my gig offer

  • Account set up professionally
Troubleshoot, analyze, report and recommend best practices.
  •  Email template design
  • Sign up form design, integration (pop up and embedded)
  • Website Integration
  • new feed set up
  • Klaviyo email flows integrate

Intelligent Words : Today, RSS is not dead. … Social networks took over from RSS because they were simply better feeds. They also provide more benefits to the companies that own them. Some people have accused Google, for example, of shutting down Google Reader in order to encourage people to use Google+.


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