I will retouch photo edit image with fast delivery

Are you looking for the great retouched who will understand you on halfway, will stay always tuned and do her job in the best quality and not for ages?

Hi, I am Rakib and I will help you with everything said above!

I am passionate about what I do, and whatever I do – is my passion.

A detail-oriented, professional creative with love for helping good photographs become perfect images.

I have been editing for the last few years and am always ready for a challenge to sharpen my skills with. Mostly oriented on beauty and fashion photos, as well as portraits (could be product photography as well).

Always happy to help your pictures to become better version of themselves.

My Gig

– Retouch with Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC and Capture One

– High end quality, naturally edited pictures of skin, hairs, nails and make up

– Only dodge and burn technic and natural retouching

– Color grading and correction

– Just beautiful photos that I really love

In the end I want to be sure that you are satisfied with final result and soon will be back for more

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