I will prepare deposition summary

Deposition summaries are the most important part of Personal Injury Litigation. Vital points come out in the depositions which can leveraged for early settlement of the claim. Most of the depositions are lengthy and runs into hundreds of pages. An accurate and concise deposition summary helps the attorneys find out key points in no time. A well-prepared deposition summary provides edge to the law firm and the attorney.

I have a Master of Law degree and over 4 years of experience in deposition summary. I specialize in summarizing 

  • expert deposition, 
  • life care planner deposition, 
  • PMQ deposition, 
  • PMK deposition. 

I provide round the clock service and can deliver summaries in 24-48 hours. I can emulate summaries in any format as per your needs and requirements. Order now.

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