I will make nft minting website, nfts, nft smart contract, nft mint

Hello Great Buyer, as developer with over 4 years of working experience showcasing my talent in nft minting, blockchain and nfts at large. I am now a blockchain dev.


I offer my web3 abilities for NFT’s Project at a competitive price :


.smart contract


.nft minting


. nft Smart contract


. Dapp mint site


. Blockchain


On any of these widely know Blockchains


. Ethereum


. Solana


. Polygon


. ERC20


. ERC1155


. ERC721.






All these will be incorporated


Whitelist Mode


PreSale Mode


Deal Mode


NFT Minting Dapp pool and presently free case


Whitelist Cheker


Max NFT Minted on Whitelist and Sale


Dynamic Metadata URL (Reveal NFT)


Airdrop (mint for somebody)


Different Wallets Withdraw


Mint Engine.

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