I will do top winning product research fba product research and market research

I can perform a search to find winning products that are cheap to source, with high quality and convert easily. I can easily find winning products that you can sell through your Shopify dropshipping store.


I’m an Expert Product Researcher in Dropshipping & Amazon FBA. I am an expert in finding hundreds of winning products as per your requirements.
I’ll find a product for you matching the following metrics.
Average Monthly Revenue: 5000-30000USD.
High Volume with Low competition: less than 150 reviews
Average sales price between 15 – 50USD
No Patent or Trademark issues.
Profit margins from 25% to 50% and ROI of at least 100% generally closer to 150%
Why this gig?
  • Keep your time
  • Research on the products( types, category given by you).
  • Most sold and trending products.
  • Not found within the Verified Rights Owner Program
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!
  • On-time delivery
  • Fast response
With this Gig, I will definitely find you all the category/niche of Winning products of your choice.


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